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  • Books are available for the classes being taught at that campus.
  • Textbooks are offered in a variety of formats including hardbound, student value edition, and
  • Rentals are available online and in-store.


  • Financial aid can only be used to purchase textbooks and supplies.
  • Financial aid is available two weeks prior to the start of classes if you have completed the 7 steps for financial aid. You can review the steps here.
  • Backordered items are charged at the time of shipment.

Online Orders

  • Online orders may take up to 2-3 business days to be processed before they are shipped.
  • Next-Day and 2nd-Day shipping are still subject to normal processing.
  • If you chose to pay by Financial Aid but it is not yet available, your order will be placed on hold. You do not need to place another order.
  • If you order a used book and we only have new, you will receive and be charged for a new book. Similarly, if we only have used, that is what you will be sent and charged for.

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