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The Wilmington University Campus Stores offer all your required textbooks in a variety of formats at competitive prices to best suit your needs.

The Campus Stores offer new and used textbooks, as well as electronic books (E-Books), student value editions (SVE), and rentals.

Rental Textbooks allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of buying a new textbook at a considerably lower price. Both new and used textbooks will be available for rent. Rentals are available online and in person at the New Castle, Wilson Graduate Center, and Dover Campus Stores.

Electronic Books (E-Books) are electronic versions of a textbook. They contain the same information as a regular textbook. You get an electronic copy that is viewable on most computers instead of having a traditional textbook. E-Books offer the advantage of lower cost and the flexibility of being able to view your textbook on almost any computer that is connected to the internet. E-Books are available both in-store and online. E-Books can be purchased online through the Campus Store website or through

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Student Value Editions (SVE), also commonly called "loose-leaf" texbooks, are offered for many classes. They are identical to traditional textbooks in every way except that they are three-hole punched loose sheets ready to be put in a binder instead of being bound like a traditional textbook. By not paying for binding, we are able to offer student value edition textbooks at a lower price than a traditional textbook.

Notice: If you are purchasing an E-Book or a student value edition textbook, make note that you do NOT need to buy the traditional textbook. You should select only one format.

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